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The Driving Route From Reus To Portaventura

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This page will give you the driving route from Reus to PortAventura. theme park which is only 15 minutes drive from Reus. There are two ways to get there and both are given here.

How To Obtain Maps To Help You Drive From Reus To Port Aventura

Before you set out on the journey obtain a map from the tourist information office in Reus centre. They have a fold out map that is free of charge and shows the route from Reus centre to Port Aventura.

Punt d'Informació de Reus
Oficines de Promoció
Sant Joan, 34A
43201 Reus, España.

Tel: +34 97 701 0670
E-mail: [email protected]

Driving Route From Reus To Port Aventura
(Total Distance 10 km)

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Then continue on Port Aventura road

Next go onto A-7 then exit 1152

Take C-14

Our Experience of the Drive

Take the T-315 out of Reus. You will come to a roundabout that also has exits for the T-11. You should go straight over and head towards Vila-Seca. Then look for the N-340a and follow this until you see signs for Port Aventura. This route is just over 10 km and shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.

Tip Look for the tall theme park ride that sticks up above the park. It is visible from a few kilometres away and will help you head in the right direction.

An Alternative Driving Route From Reus To Portaventura

I got confused coming from Reus to Port Aventura, and in the end, I found it was easier to head for the A7 motorway in the direction of Valencia. The A7 motorway is clearly signposted out of Reus. Once you're on the motorway, you need to take exit number 35. It is clearly signposted for Port Aventura. Once you are on the slip road, the road divides again so look for the brown sign that points to Port Aventura. Go slowly at this point as the road splits quite suddenly. Once you have entered the correct road, it will take you directly into the theme park.

The driving route from Reus to Portaventura takes 15 minutes. You can obtain a map from the tourist information to help you plan the drive. There are two possible routes, and the most clearly signposted is the routes that takes you on the A7 motorway.

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