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Driving Route Reus To Barcelona

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This page gives you full details of the driving route from Reus to Barcelona. You'll see which roads to take and how long the journey is. There's also details of the tolls you'll have to pay and advice on which signs to follow.

Driving Route From Reus To Barcelona
(Total Distance 110 km)

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Then take B-10 leading to Barcelona

Continue onto C-32

At the roundabout take 3rd exit going to AP-7

Next go onto A-7

Get on T-11

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Our Experience Of The Drive

Map of Barcelona to Reus
Map of Barcelona to Reus

It takes about 1.5 hours to drive from Reus to Barcelona. It's approximately 110 kilometres and most of the way, (if you want to quickest and easiest route) is up the A7 motorway. We've given the roads you need to take below.

Leave from the centre of Reus and take the Road called T-315. You'll come to a roundabout where you should take a left turn onto the A7 (sometimes written AP7) motorway in the direction of Tarragona and Barcelona.

Tip The A7 (or AP7) is also known as the E-15. The 'E' signifies 'European' as the road actually travels through Europe. 'E' roads are always written in green and the 'A' motorway roads and always on blue signs.

The A7 motorway is a toll motorway and in some stretches you'll have to stop to take a ticket from the machine before you can pass through the barrier. Keep the ticket until you reach the pay booths at your exit of the motorway. Then pass through the booth that says 'Manual' as this one has an attendant who you pay through the window. Other stretches don't require you to take a ticket. You will just come to a booth where the attendant will tell you what you have to pay. You will pay approximately the following in toll fees to drive between Reus and Barcelona.

Reus To Barcelona
Toll fee: €8.00

Before you exit the motorway you have to pass Tarragona and continue following signs for Barcelona and Lleida. The A7 will take you all the way to Barcelona. When you arrive at Barcelona it's a good idea to get on the ring road of the 'Ronda Litoral' and you can choose the exit off there that takes you closest to your destination.

The driving route from Reus to Barcelona is straightforward as the A7 motorway will take you all the way to Barcelona. There are toll fees to pay, but it's worth it as the A7 is a good, safe road to follow. The journey will take about an hour and a half.

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