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Real Estate In Reus: The Cost Of Property And Tips On How To Find Your Dream Home

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This page will help you find real estate in Reus. There are details of newspapers and magazines that carry classified property adverts, and the contact information for a couple of estate agents in Reus. There's also a rough price guide showing you what size property you can buy for your money.

The heart of Reus has some really charming buildings. It also has the bonus of being largely pedestrianised, and so the houses along the narrow cobbled streets enjoy peace and quiet. This area consists of old stone buildings that are very much in demand. If you travel 10 minutes away from the centre, you'll find more modern apartment buildings. Further still, there is green countryside surrounding Reus, and if your budget allows, then you can also buy rural property. Rural houses in Reus are known as Masias.

A Typical House In The Centre Of Reus
A Typical House In The Centre Of Reus
The centre of Reus is home to quite a few real estate agents. They usually have several of their properties displayed in the window, together with the prices. It's a good idea to go 'window shopping' when you first begin you search for real estate to help you get an idea of the property price variations in different areas and with different agencies.

Below are two agents that are based in Reus centre:

Finques Vilanova
Plaça la Llibertat, 8
43201 Reus, España.

Tel: +34 97 731 0262

Inmobiliaria Fortuny
Carrer del Vent, 34
43201 Reus, España.

Tel: +34 97 730 0590

The Old Style Houses In The Centre Of Reus Are Highly Sought Alter
The Old Style Houses In The Centre Of Reus Are Highly Sought Alter

A real estate agent can put together a portfolio of properties that meet your requirements. As they also know the whereabouts of all the properties, this can save you time as they will take you around to see them all. This gives you the chance to focus on looking at the property as opposed to getting lost whilst trying to find it!

A real estate agent will charge a commission which will be included to the total cost of the property. But as a real estate agent will be able to advise you on areas, paperwork and legalities, you may find that the commission is worth paying. The amount of commission can vary between agents so always ask how much they charge when you contact them.

Price Guide To Real Estate In Reus

You can get a plot of land for anything up to €60,000, and if your budget reaches up to €250,000 you can find a 3 bedroomed house with 2000m2 of land. For €250,000 and above you can get a detached villa with it's own garden and a loto f privacy. These houses are in the countryside surrounding Reus.

Where To Look For Real Estate Without Using An Agent

There are several publications that contain classified adverts for property. They are all in Catalan or Castilian, so you'll need to be able to read Spanish or find someone who can help you to translate. You can get these publications from stands that are placed around the town. A good place to look is in the doorways of real estate agents.

Catalunya Impacte
This is a magazine in Catalan and it's 'classifieds' section is called 'classificats'. It's free.

Punt de Venda
Another freebie. This is in Catalan as well, but is a very widely distributed magazine with a large classifieds section and lots of adverts for property.

Mes Reus
This is a newspaper that carries a classifieds section. It's free.

Diari Reus
This is the local newspaper, and it's available from the newsagents. It has a classifieds section where you can find property adverts. It is written in Catalan.

There are plenty of real estate agents in Reus. They can help you to find the property you are looking for as they will have a few hundred homes on their books. Alternatively, you can search the classified adverts in the local papers and contact house owners directly.

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