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Dates Of Public Holidays In Reus

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Locals Dancing In The Street During The San Pere Fiesta In Reus
Locals Dancing In The Street During The San Pere Fiesta In Reus

This page lists the holidays in Reus. Locally, known as fiestas, there are several national holiday days and also a few that are only celebrated in Reus. Find out what happens during each fiesta and in what month each one falls. I've included the contact details of the tourist information office who can give you up to date information about holidays in Reus.

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How Opening Hours Change During The Holiday Periods In Reus

Shops, banks and public services will change their opening hours during the fiestas. On the main day of a fiesta that runs for a week, everything will be closed. During the rest of the fiesta week opening hours will be limited - usually to mornings only.

Remember that if you plan to visit during the holidays in Reus, you'll get the chance to see lots of local customs and the taste traditional food, but the supermarkets and banks are likely to be closed. Always contact the tourist information office for the exact dates of the holidays in Reus as they can vary slightly from year to year.

Tourist information
Oficina de Turisme de Reus
Gaudí Centre
Plaça del Mercadal, 3
43201 Reus, España.

Tel: +34 97 701 0670

List Of Holidays In Reus

Date Occasion
01 January Año Nuevo - New Year's Day. This is a day for family in Spain. Not many things will be open.
05 January Parade of the 3 kings through the streets. This day is more a cause for celebration than Christmas day in Spain.
06 January 3 Reyes - 3 Kings. Epiphany.
16 February - 22 February Carnaval - Carnival. A fantastic time to sample local gastronomy.
Event date not yet confirmed Festival Internacional de Jazz - International Jazz Festival
02 April - 08 April Semana Santa - Easter Week. On Easter Friday there's a procession.
23 April San Jordi. A religious fiesta.
01 May Fiesta Del Trabajo - Labour Day
10 May - 14 May Trapezi. Fira del circ - Circus
Some Of The Characters For The Parade During The Fiesta Of San Pere
Some Of The Characters For The Parade During The Fiesta Of San Pere
Date Occasion
24 June - 29 June Fiesta of San Pere. This is Reus's main fiesta that is local to the town. The main day of celebration is on the 28th, but you'll see all week: concerts, magic shows, dancers, parades and the building of the famous towers made of men!

Date Occasion
Event date not yet confirmed Fira de Sant Jaume - Saint Jaime. This is celebrated in San Jordi park and offer you a chance to try local gastronomy. You'll also see horses in the streets.
15 August Asumpcion - Assumption. This is a national holiday.
13 September - 26 September Misericordia. This is one of the locals holidays in Reus and the main celebrations take place on the 25th. The whole week before is classed as fiesta as well and many people have time off work. There are processions in the streets and religious activities.
12 October Columbus Day
01 November Todos Santos - All Saint's Day
Event date not yet confirmed Mostra de L'Oli Siurana. A religious fiesta
06 December Dia del Constitucion - Constitution Day
08 December Dia del Concepcion Inmaculada - Day of the Immaculate Conception
25 December Navidad - Christmas Day. A day for the family to get together.
26 December Boxing Day. A family day.

There Is Usually Music During The Holidays In Reus
There Is Usually Music During The Holidays

The public holidays in Reus are a great opportunity to see local traditions. If you are travelling to Reus during the fiestas, remember to allow for the fact that shops and banks will be shut. A good idea is to double check opening hours and exact dates of the fiestas with the tourist information office before you travel.

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