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Where To Look For Office Rental In Reus

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A real estate agent based in the town centre is the best place to start your search. They are either called 'inmobiliaria' or 'fincas' followed by the name of the business.

If you want to undertake your search independently you will need to be able to speak Spanish. If you can't speak Spanish then it's best to consult with an estate agent, as most of them can converse in several languages and they also understand the Spanish legalities.

involved in office rental. Here are some real estate agents that will be able to help you with your search.

Finques Pamies
Carrer Antoni Gaudi, 12
43203 Reus, España.

There Are Several Estate Agents In Reus
There Are Several Estate Agents In Reus

Tel: +34 97 732 8293

They have a list of 'locals' (commercial spaces) on their books as well as apartments and houses for sale.

API Reus
Passeig Prim, 34
43202 Reus, España.

Tel: +34 97 732 2999

Magazines that advertise office rentals

There are several free newspapers and magazines that have classified sections advertising office rentals. You will find these in the tourist information office and also in the entry ways of estate agent offices. The magazines and papers are called:

Catalunya Impacte
This is a paper magazine that is full of adverts placed by real estate agents, and also has a classified section. In Catalan 'classifieds' is 'classificats'. The magazine is in Catalan.

Punt de Venda
Another paper magazine freebie. This is also in Catalan, but is a very widely distributed magazine with a large classifieds section and lots of adverts for property and rentals.

Mes Reus
This is a newspaper that carries a classifieds section. It's free.

Diari Reus
This is the local newspaper, and it's available from the newsagents. It has a classifieds section where you can sometimes find office rentals. It is written in Catalan.

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