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How To Travel From Reus Airport To Barcelona

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On this page there are details of how to travel from Reus airport to Barcelona by either bus or car. There are also instructions for driving and information about which roads to take and how much you can expect to pay in tolls.

Private transfers from Reus Airport

Reus Airport To Barcelona by Bus

There is a public bus that leaves from Reus airport to Barcelona. It leaves from directly outside the door of arrivals at Reus airport. It's operated by the company Hispano Igualadina, and you can buy tickets in the ticket office in the arrivals terminal.

The journey time is one and a half hours, and it costs  for a single ticket and  for a return. The bus travels to Barcelona Sants bus station. The time table is adapted to coincide with flight arrivals.

Bus From Reus Airport To Barcelona
Single ticket: €15.50
Return ticket: €22.00

For the up-to-date timetable please follow the link: Hispano Igualadina Official website

Options of transfer from Reus Airport To Barcelona

For further information about the bus from Reus airport to Barcelona call Reus Transport.
Tel: +34 90 092 9192 / +34 90 092 9192

Tip If you go to the information point at Reus airport they have a booklet called 'Airport Timetable Guide' in English. It has details of all bus services that run from Reus airport.

Reus Airport To Barcelona By Car

One option is to drive from Reus airport to Barcelona. The journey takes about one hour and a half by motorway. The best route to take is given below. You'll see several car hire companies in the arrivals terminal of Reus airport.

Opening times and contact details of the car hire companies in Reus airport

From Reus airport take the T-315. You'll come to a roundabout where you should take a left turn onto the A7 (sometimes written AP7) toll motorway in the direction of Tarragona and Barcelona. You'll sometimes see the A7 with 'E15' written next to it. The 'E15' and the 'A7' (or AP7) are the same road. The E15 is the European name for the road as it stretches across several countries.

Once on the motorway you'll have to stop at toll booths to pay the fee. Try and get into the booth that says 'manual' above it because this one has an attendant who you pay through the window. The other booths are for credit cards or holders of passes. In my experience, not all credit cards are accepted at the toll booths, so it's best to go through 'manual' and pay in cash. The total amount you'll pay to travel from Reus airport to Barcelona is the following.

Reus Airport To Barcelona
Toll fee: €8.00

Before you exit the motorway you have to pass Tarragona and continue following signs for Barcelona and Lleida. Barcelona is signposted from the motorway.

You can choose to travel from Reus airport to Barcelona by bus or car. The good thing is that the buses work their timetable around the flight timetable and so you know there'll always be a bus waiting for you when you arrive. The buses offer a cheap travel option or alternatively car hire gives you the chance to drive yourself directly to your final.

Car parking

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