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2 Star Hostals In Reus

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A hostal will usually have a private room and most of the time your own en-suite shower or bathroom as well. Double check when you are booking as you can sometimes have to share bathroom facilities.

There will usually be a reception desk and your room will be basic but good value for money.

The Hostal Santa Teresa Is Right In The Centre Of Reus
The Hostal Santa Teresa Is Right In The Centre Of Reus

2 Star Hostals In Reus

Hostal Santa Teresa
Santa Teresa, 1
43201 Reus, España.


Tel: +34 97 731 6297

This hostal is right in the centre of Reus and is less than 5 minutes walk from the tourist information office.

You can see a few details of this hostal on the official tourist information page.

The hostal Santa Teresa closes during winter. To check the exact closing dates, call the hostal because they change depending on occupancy.

Reus tourist information website

Not all hostals are open all year round so do remember to check well in advance of your journey. A room in a hostal will be basic, but excellent value for money and you'll have privacy.

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